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CGT on an inherited UK house


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Having looked at a vast amount of posts about this I have not seen an answer to my question.

We are tax resident in France but own a house in the UK that I inherited in 2001. It is rented and I declare the income in the UK and France.

I am now considering selling this house and buying a letting property in Spain.

I assume the legal way for CGT is to declare the gain in France but will any CGT be based on a theoretical value when I inherited the house and whatever price I get for it when sold? If so, does my UK letting agent come up with the 2001 value or what. He says he can do this using the Halifax website.

Has anyone else been through this process?


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I have looked at the above link (thanks) but was wondering if maybe someone could help me more specifically.  I have a house which I bought to let out in the UK 3 years ago.  I used it for 6 months last year as my primary residence in UK whilst looking to buy a family home.  I subsequently bought another house and am now selling it to move to France next year.  I don't know whether to keep my rental property or sell it to avoid later French tax.  Any ideas/advice would be greatly appreciated.


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