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What time do you go to bed in rural France ?

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Now I am going to grump, because, I hope you don't mean me. I do have a sense of humour, just don't get, find funny, what appeared to the be suggestion that someone's other half would be pleased to, what is the word, 'escape' them, by going to bed alone.  That isn't funny.

And ofcourse, it works both ways, as  the suggestion could be made that there was avoidance by either party, both night and morning (for late risers like me). Which in my case wouldn't be true, just my sleep rhythm, and as a general rule dare say it isn't.

None of you see how we are with our OH's and what they are like either.  

And I would hazard a guess that in so far as I feel as if most don't get me on here, that I am little different, and don't really see everyone else as they truely are either.

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Well ALBF, I suppose that we used to go to bed together when we were young. And when the kids were young too, I used to be very tired and would probably go to bed early as the sprogs would be up early, and I could not do otherwise.

But they grow and eventually were autonomous and I would stay in bed later, and start going to bed later. 

It isn't as if OH and I had fallen out, just suited me to do that.

Surely it is better to sleep well.

IF it were the other way round, I would be OK with that too.

I daresay some couples do keep similar hours, we don't, so less of your sarky comments about it.  It works perfectly well and we have been together for 42 years, so it obviously works for us.

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