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Help!!! Tiling disaster!


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I've also posted this in the house renovations forum, as one of my questions is to do with the practicalities of tiling. But I'm also posting here, as I am hoping that someone with can help with the legal aspect of refusing to pay for bad workmanship...

We have a holiday home in Normandy which we let out.

Last December, we ordered a new bathroom from Lapeyre and arranged for them to do the installation as well. The date was set for last week, it was only due to take one week but I blocked off two weeks, leaving me one week spare for contingencies.

The plumber and all the fittings arrived on time as arranged, he was punctual, pleasant and appears to have done a very good job on the plumbing and the shower installation, but not on the tiles - they look appalling, REALLY dreadful, I'm sure my 9 year old daughter could have done better.

I was so disappointed and angry. I called Lapeyre and the manager came out to inspect, and although at first he tried to fob me off, he did admit that it was not an acceptable job. I have been offered two alternatives - either redo the grouting, or tile over the mess. The only problem is that they can't do it next week, and we are now solidly booked up from next Saturday until 21st April. And even if I do block off a week after then, I shall be out of pocket as that would be a week that I would expect to fill at a cost of £350. Also, it would be the same guy coming out, and I'm not convinced that he is going to do a very good job, even with new tiles.

I have held back half of the balance payment I was supposed to pay them yesterday, so I do have money in hand. I am tempted to just refuse to pay an amount equivalent to the cost of the tiles and the installation of the tiles, plus my expenses for going back out again on Monday. I have contacted a good friend in the area who runs a property services company and he does have a good tiler he can recommend and he has cajoled him into coming out next week to see if we can salvage the mess. The only thing is, he has recommended that we don't tile over tiles, he says it is OK on floor tiles, but not on shower tiles as they are likely to fall off. But I am worried that it is not possible to remove existing tiles without ruining the shower (and it was not a cheap one).

So, can anyone offer me any advice?

What would be the legal implications of not accepting their offer of redress and refusing to pay for what they've done instead, given that I am running a business and time is of the essence? I have good detailed photos of the problem.

THANKS FOR ANY HELP - I am tearing my hair out!!!!

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