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The demise of the POC is very bad news as far as I am concerned. We use the tunnel over 20 times a year and are very concerned that this change will result in price increases. What do other users think ? Can they legally do this when we have signed up for a year ? It can't be right that someone who uses the tunnel once a year pays the same as regular users.
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Like you I'm surprised that any organisation would want to mess around with its regular customers and proudly tell them that in future they'll be treated exactly like the one off traveller.

On the other hand the letter from Michel Lanneau does say "you'll find our new fares unbeatable value for money, so the cost of travelling will not increase as a result of the withdrawal". Time will tell, but on reading that I have a more optimistic expectation. Perhaps they are going to make their fares so cheap that it won't matter that there are no bulk purchase discounts.

I'll wait and see. I think you'll find that the T&Cs did state that the scheme can be withdrawn at any time. The free crossing with the 1000 bonus points will more than cover any loss from the subscription.


Best Regards


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