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Incredible Ferry Offer

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Speedferries, which operate between Dover and Boulogne, are offering an incredible offer of: 

£50  Return for a standard car + six passengers.


This offer is good through the rest of 2004 and 2005! Outstanding! AND this is a fixed price with only a £10 charge if you need to change dates!!

Check out the details of the offer here! Speedferries Super Tickets

AND they take PETS now as well!! Wow! Just £30 return for the pet! Amazing!

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Like you (we suspect) we got an email from Speedferries this morning about this offer.

We are thrilled and will book two crossings France to UK before the end of this coming week - final date for making provisional bookings.

We are sure to change the dates but at £60 a crossing this is still an unbeatable deal.

We are in Normandy but just stay overnight in Boulogne and catch an early ferry which gives us all day to get to wherever we are going (not always the same place).

So many offers seem to cover only those who start in the UK - wonderful to find one that treats us all the same. At least we hope so when we try to book. Will come back on this forum if not correct.


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[quote]Speedferries , which operate between Dover and Boulogne, are offering an incredible offer of: £50 Return for a standard car + six passengers. REGARDLESS OF THE LENGTH OF STAY!!! ...[/quote]

When did they start to allow pets to travel? We recently had to go to England urgently due to a family illness and cancelled our booking with Speedferries because we couldn't take our dog with us.

This is great news!Any more info on it?




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I tried to book under this offer as a regular SpeedFerries user (people must be sick of singing their praises) and found that for the return I wanted its sold out - for the entire day

This is the first time ever I have not been able to find a crossing on SpeedFerries - so either congratulations on the incredible up-lift in Sales - or am I being taken for a mug with this offer? I shall keep my mouth shut next time I find something good!

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Don't like to dampen everyones enthusiasm but a couple of things to be aware of ...

If the speedferry is cancelled for any reason (and there is currently only one ferry in service) you are on your own. We had this problem in the summer - engine trouble. The only way we could get back was a one way trip with Eurotunnel which cost £160 and Speedferries have not responded to our letters about it.

The other aspect to be aware of - if you amend the booking, indeed you do pay £10 for the amendment but in addition you have to pay the going rate for the fare as if you were booking on that day which can bump it up quite a bit.


Finally, if the sea is rough but the ferry is still running then prepare for a difficult crossing unless you have a cast iron stomach ! Three out of five of us were extremely unwell and we are not normally travel sick!

Before you think I am the eternal pessimist, we have had some successful crossings but it doesn't hurt to know the pitfalls !




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Although we live in the west country ( and therefore closer to the western channel route ) and our house in France is near Avranche ,we have decided to buy a number of SUPERTICKETS from SPEEDFERRIES. We can catch a late afternoon or early evening ferry after a leisurely (?) drive to Dover - spend the night at an Etap hotel in Boulogne and then have a leisurely drive to Avranche. We can then repeat this on the way back.Including hotel costs and diesel this method is still a lot cheaper than some of the fares I have paid for with P&O in the past!Also we can explore a little more of France on the way - without worrying that the longer journey has eaten into our prcious 5 day stay.
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We have to go over to the UK in early January to see my husband's mum who's ill.  At the moment Speedferries are offering their 2 for 1 offer.  If we buy before 31st December we pay £50 for one journey and get another (sailing on Tues, wed or thurs) any time during 2005 free.  That sounds great and suits us down to  the ground and I'm not even too worried about a sailing being delayed for up to 24 hours or so.  However, whilst I appreciate that none of the other companies will co-operate and accept Speedferries passengers being transferred onto their ferries (obviously too scarey competition!) do you totally lose the crossing or do you get a credit to use at some other time?
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We were unable to cross on our booked crossing with Speedferries at the end of October because of ferocious seas. We were given our moey back and crossed with Sea France for £ 49(?) single. Used the normal return from Speedferries. The price says it all!!

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When I came out to Basse Normandie back in September, SpeedOne was out of the water for my outward journey.
I rang Speedferries and I currently have an open ended outward crossing to use when I choose using the original booking reference.
Personally I think that the way that Speedferries has conducted itself since its inauguration speaks volumes for the staff and the company.
Long may its success continue.


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