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Flybe from Southampton to Bergerac

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I have just used Flybe for the first time over the past weekend. A far superior service to Ryanair. More legroom and comfortable seats. Also seat allocation. Stanstead is an hour closer to me, but Flybe were £100 cheaper for the Saturday to Monday return and due to their flight times gave me an additional 9 hours or so with my family. No brainer really!

Hope this helps someone.


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More comfortable? It depends.

I flew to Bergerac from Birmingham last week with Flybe - in a Boeing 737 (which I believe is a recent addition to their fleet) and, yes, it was comfortable and spacious. However, the return flight used a BAe 146 - with 6 seats abreast crammed into a space barely adequate for 5.

Sometimes they use turboprop Dash-8 aircraft, with 4 seats abreast. These are comfortable.

At least with Ryanair you know it will be a 737!


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There is one other advantage in using BA, if you are inter connecting to another flight. As compared to a low cost carrier.

FlyBe or any other low cost carrier cannot check your luggage through to a connecting flight to your end destination. Nor will they take any responsibility for a missed connecting flight.

Whereas BA and other IATA airlines will, as they have inter lining agreements in place between each other. (Low cost carriers do not participate in IATA, presumably because of the cost.)

Not a problem if you are travelling point to point, but a major issue if you are connecting to a long haul flight.

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