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Manchester to Limoges?

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Hi everyone,

We will be travelling from Manchester to Limoges with a large trailer and 2 dogs!!

I would be grateful for suggestions as to the best way to do this.  I've had a look at ferries and the tunnel , there seems to be so many options and I'm still none the wiser.



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We live in Cheshire and travel to Laval area regularly. Depends on your criteria really -

If you are not worried about driving time,fuel costs and price of crossing I would go for Eurotunnel. We use this as 1st choice. The dogs are not left alone, there is a dog walking area and with the journey down always unpredictable, there is always another train coming along.

If you want less driving then from looking at this site Transmanche or LD lines - but obviously the dogs will be left alone inside the vehicle parking area.

I should say that in our experience any route other than Eurotunnel adds hours to the journey - but a little less driving time(not a lot!).

Speedferries will probably not take your trailer, but check their site. I have used them but they are too unreliable - timing wise - for me after the journey south and onward travel(tend to add a min of 2 hours to journey and usually more).

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