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Hi I wonder if someone please can help.  When resident in the UK we used to book through the London based organisation (and that when their call centre was working et al)

Now living in (50) and for nostalga want to travel from Calais to Avignon.

Stupid question but can one just book with SNCF here in France for when I spoke to London recently they said they only way that French residents could get on the train was by going to the French terminus in Paris?

Another problem drive a Honda 4 x 4 and that is another story and another cost if indeed its possible to get on the train?


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Having travelled on the Motorail just twice (well, south and north), I am no expert.  I asked the staff on the train going south if French people ever used the service and was told that no, as it would normally be inconvenient for them to go the the Motorail terminals and very expensive.  However, on our way back, there were some French people who got on the train in Tolouse and got off in Brieve (whether they had a car with them on the train, I do not know).  As to your Honda 4 x 4, I know that on routes from Clais to Avignon the maximum height of 1.80m is accepted.
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