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Speedferries free November offer

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Speedferries ran an offer last November of a free midweek ticket for all crossings made. Unusually, when the offer was announced, they said it would also apply to people who had already booked, not just to new bookings - I don't think I've heard of any other company in any field doing this.  We had intended to use the ticket in March, but they changed the dry-dock period from February to Mar 1 - 28, leaving only Mar 29 as a possibility.  No problem I thought, use just the outward part and come back three weeks later by whatever's cheapest.  Being unable for some reason to activate the free ticket online I phoned Speedferries and was given the good news that, because of the dry-docking change, the validity had been extended until the end of May.  I thought I'd seen a posting on here about that, but couldn't find it. Anyway, well done Speedferries. That's two plus points, for giving the offer to existing customers in the first place and for extending into a higher season when they didn't have to.

Anyone still holding one of these free offer certificates - get it used.

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