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Speedferries new tariffs

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After announcing the new tariffs would commence at the beginning of the year, then delaying them (presumably to sell more supertickets, last chance, prices will increase etc) they have finally implemented the new "Fairer"??? airline type structure.

I have resisted buying supertickets every time until now but this time did buy 10 tickets at £22 each.

On the new structure I could have bought 18 for £19 each, but more frustratingly could have just carried on buying last minute singles at non peak times as they are now only £15 each.

I tried a few random booking quotes, I could get crossings most days after the boat resumes service for £15 but interestingly the same crossings (for instance 29th March) to take the trailer cost an additional £144 each way.

It will be interesting to see how long they will keep this new structure before changing again but I fear the writing is on the wall for trailers (I must check again for vans/caravanettes) but it is good to see that if one is able to be flexible with dates the price has in fact decreased.

For my part I think that I will keep my £22 supertickets in reserve for the busier months and buy the £15 ones at other times.


Just tried again and found that on the same day but in the other direction (Dover - Boulogne) there was some availability for car & trailer at £44, shifting the date forward got me some at £44 Boulogne - Dover so all is well.

On balance I like the new system, it rewards people who book early and/or those who can be flexible with times for last minute bookings but at the cost of those who book at the last minute and cannot be flexible.

The low cost airlines always seem to be in a quandary about last minute availabilty as they dont want to be seen selling the tickets cheap at the last minute, bigger airlines sell the excess at the last minute through consolidators or bucket shops but I fear the low cost operators just have empty seats that no-one wants to purchase at a sky high (pun not intended) price.

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We bought 10 supertickets 18 months ago for £190 that need to be used by end of this year.  Last year was not a problem at all, you just emailed when you wanted to go and we never had a problem.  Now, we have to book on-line using the new booking system and it is evident that it is not possible to book up for the more popular departure times such as 7.00am Sat as these are not shown as 'available' even booking for trips 4 months in advance -of course I could do it by phone but that costs £15 which goes against the grain when the whole point is that we are trying to make a 'no frills' crossing and doing it on the cheap - I know 'you get what you pay for' its just the fact that the goalposts appear to have moved!
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I did the same as you and got 10 for £190 in Dec 2005. Have just used this on my trip today and the return on the 17th.  I also booked 10 for £240 in August 2006 and needed to book a crossing on the 31st of May so phoned up, gave my security code and had it confirmed immediately. When I come back I just phone up again, give the same security code and choose my date and time subject to availability. As I now know the return date I can get this similarly booked and confirmed using the same security code.

Job done!


David J


"Always on the ball"



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I bought 10 for £190 to find that my planned motorcycle trip in May is cancelled.  They will not accept any more motorcycle bookings - since I bought the 10 singles for the bike I will wait to see how they wriggle out of this!!  March cancellations were a shambles but then you pay your price and ........



Now a confirmed Ryanair user (Used to be just winter but ... see above)

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Beware the 2 years life of your super saver tickets. I too had difficulty using my 10 saver pack at the beginning of this year - but had to ring up to have it updated to 2007. Since then - no problems. I always use the 7am crossing. Hope this helps.
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