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Brive Airport Plans

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Hello all.

I am sure I have heard that there is a new airport/flight route being planned for the Brive area.

However, I have been unable to find any further information on this and am now concerned that I am in fact going mad.

Does anyone have any information on this at all that they would be able to share to help re-assure me of my sanity once more?.......

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When we were househunting in 2001/2, a friendly estate agent showed us where the flight path would be so that we could avoid it.

You may have read my post about flying from Bergerac in the very hot weather. Given the inconvenience I would have thought Brive would be a better bet - it's always a few degrees cooler there than Bergerac. Here's hoping.

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Only very vaguely, I'm afraid. It was west of the motorway in the area where the out of town shops are on the Terrasson - Brive road. I'm afraid I can't remember whether it was north or south of that road. On the map I saw the flight path was shown to the west.

I don't think a date was mentioned.


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There is not much room to expand Brive airport(which is on the terrasson road). It can only take small planes and it is unnerving enough to be in the carpark at Carrefour when one of these lands. I heard that a new airport was being planned further down the motorway towards Souillac. All they need to do is fond enough flat ground
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From what I can see, it looks as if it is on the A20/A89 intersection.

If you can believe all you read on the internet, it is at Nespouls, the land clearing has been completed, work on the runway and buildings will start in September this year, and the airport is due for completion in 2007.

Anyone interested can read more (in French,PDF format, page 4) on



The airport access details currently given are...

"Accès à l’aéroport ; autoroute A 20,

échangeur de Nespouls, RN 20 jusqu’à Reyjades,

puis nouvelle voie d’accès jusqu’à

l’aéroport, prise en charge par le Département."


Hope this helps


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This could be brilliant news although not knowing all the details is quite frustrating! My family and I are looking to move to just outside Cahors in 2007, so it would be really good to find out who is planning to fly there as this could be spot on for us!!!


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Hi Aileen, can you say where you got this information? It does seem to contradict what I have read also the article posted by Clair in the South Western section. The article states that the project is meant to start in October and even a visit from Mrs. Chirac. However, your statement does make sense with all of the other airports in the region.  Too bad though if it is true, would be very convenient for us
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How many local airports are being built/developed?

The Cahors/Lalbenque Aeroport between J58 on the A20 and the N20 has had an application from Ryanair being considered. ILS (Instrument Landing System) being tested prior to being a permanent installation. Plans afoot to extend the runway to 2100metres to allow A320's and similar sized aircraft, charter and military.


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I cycled around the work at Brive-Souillac airport the other day. The work is still going on although at a very slow pace. This might pick up when Mrs Chirac opens the construction on the 15th October. As far as I know it is still going ahead as I note that the Souillac Country Club website has a News Flash about the site. One of the directors of the Country Club is the local English representative on the resident's committee so he should know the latest state of play and when I asked at the Club last week they were unaware of any delay.


The airport is between Cressensac and Estivals to the west of the A20, south of Brive. As far as I know the runway is orientated East /West.

I am back in the Uk at the moment but will look again in mid November.

Best wishes Alastair Jack

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Yes the airport is going ahead. It is being built on the Causse south of Brive, between Brive and Souillac, nowhere near the N20/N89 intersection, sadlt, though I understand why.

Last week Mme Chirac cut the first sod amidst general junkettings and festivities.

However, I've just had a look at the news from the Chamber of commerce and this is what the headline said in 2004

L’aéroport Brive/Souillac

en piste pour l’été 2007

Il aura fallu presque 20 ans pour que le syndicat mixte de l’aéroport Brive-Souillac(1) remplisse son objectif

I'm sure I don't need to translate this.

This is a link to a news report from 4 or 5 days ago


In it they say it will be ready in early 2008.

If they said the work would be finished by then, bet your boots it will be. The French nearly always finish their major civil engineering projects on time or early. I can't think of one in this area in the last 20 years which wasn't.

During the planning stages, there was some doubt cast as to whether there was need/finance, but obviously with the increased number of low price flights around and the success of Bergerac, Rodez and Limoges, the viability looks pretty good. As you can see, it took them 20 years to solve the financing.



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From what I have read it may be early 2008 before it is ready to accept traffic. I understand that there will be a 2100m runway which will accept the B737s and Airbusses of the Low Cost Operators. I think there will also be a grass runway for light aircraft and gliders.

There is a website.


but like the airport it is still under construction.

For pictures of Mrs Chirac looking very pleased at the opening of the construction, see



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Dear Jack,

I have been reading your forum regarding Airport brive

I do pose herewith a link to the official site of the devellopment of the airport it states the total

project inclusif the airplaines airbus 320 and boeing 747 wil be able to land .

The project will be completed around the end of 2007 it gives you a complete overside.

however the document can be easely downloades as it is in pdf format.

I think that a lot of the members having questions about the airport will now be satisfied

From Me I am living in the area for 5 years and know most of what is going on around in this area .

Kind regards to all of you If you need help I am a dutchman but speak and write 5 other languages fluently.

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Thanks for posting a reply.

I have an interest as I fly light aircraft from time to time so am interested in the General Aviation facilities.

I notice that you mention B747. I wonder if this is a typo as the 747 is somewhat large for this airport. Do you mean B737?

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