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Just flew back with them yesterday, this isn't a moan just a heads up! They weighed everybodies carry on bag who used the desk to check in, most ended up haveing to pay the 20 euro's to put in the hold even if it was a tiny bit over, which I don't mind the flight was cheap anyway but what seems a little unfair was that those who checked in online carried on enormous heavy bags and no one checked the weight of them which really miffs me when they can't even lift them into the overhead locker and ask me to do it because I'm tall[:@]
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At two other airports that I know of, ground staff have been sent along to the gate to weigh carry-on bags of those who used the online check-in for Ryanair. Our bags have been weighed on a couple of occasions - we were just under the weight limit on both occasions, including the water purchased airside (remember, 1 litre of water in a plastic bottle weighs a smidgen over 1 kg).



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