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Transmanche -Can't believe my eyes!!!

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Following on from my Subject entiled 'their having a laugh', I followed up someones suggestion from a previous post and had a look at the Transmanche website - I nearly fell off the chair!

Please could someone tell me that it is really true that I can sail with a car the last weekend in half term for just 40??

There must be a catch? Please let me know what is wrong with Transmanche that it is so cheap? It is important that we are in France that week-end so would not like to take any risks if these ferries are often cancelled?

Many thanks again

St Jacques
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We travelled with them last October. It doesn't have all the facilities of the other ships but is not a bad second. For example there are fewer eating places and less choice. The seating areas are not quite as comfortable and there is no dedicated cinema.

On the plus side, the on board food is cheaper, you are only on the ferry for 4 hrs and loading and unloading is quicker. We have started to use this ferry and the Hoverspeed Newhaven - Dieppe route as they are so much cheaper.

We are very close to Newhaven port and at the other end travelling to the house from Dieppe only adds an hour or less depending which other port you compare against.
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LAST EDITED ON 25-May-04 AT 10:13 AM (BST)

>so would not like to
>take any risks if these
>ferries are often cancelled?

Having just re-read your post regarding the cancellation aspect I'm not aware of any higher risk of cancellation with the Transmanche ferry. In fact if anything it is probably less subject to delays. We have been held up more than once on P and O while they waited for Brittany Ferries to clear their berth.

Of course the same is not true of the Hoverspeed service which remains susceptible to the weather, as with the other fast craft operators.

Edit - There again there are only two ships so if something happens to one of them.....???
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Hi - We used them for the first time this year - and have had no problems. A quick weekend trip (using the 35 offer) to check the house out before going over again at Easter. We are using them again for Whitsun. As mentioned the facilities may be more basic but the cabins are fine and as we have been going over on the evening crossing all I want to do is sleep before driving through the night.


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Used them the first time this year . Cheap , food good , not much duty free . Shall i say a litle French , may sail may not , but as we are local not much of a problem . Nice little company , lets hope the prices stay cheap . Lets face it compared to BF anf P&O thats not hard .

Doug H
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