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P&O: what a mess at Dover!

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Did anyone else travel via P&O over Whit?

We got into a queue coming down the Jubilee way, which was only sorted by the intervention of Kent Constabulary, and was caused by immigration control............checking those LEAVING as usual!!! (Still better than Easter, when the queue at midnight was from the WESTERN docks to the Eastern.................only an hour (That time I came via the M20, never again!!!!!)

But the real problem was at check-in.

Customers of other ferry companies were waved through to the fronts of their queue, as there was NO wait at their check-ins, while P&O customers queued from the bottom of the ramp after immigration, right to the checkouts, taking 30 minutes or so.

I met people on the boat who told me that they had missed their ferry due to the enormous queues, and had to travel later.

Have P&O created a demand that they, and the port of Dover, can't meet?

While on the subject of P&O, has anyone else suffered under the impression that when you are told to rejoin your vehicle, the doors to the stairs to the car deck will actually be OPEN?

The last two or three journeys have been a nightmare with people queuing about 10 deep at the entry to the stairs, then trying to get down all at once, some carrying babies, some, beer, but ALL, an accident waiting to happen.

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>The last two or three journeys
>have been a nightmare with
>people queuing about 10 deep
>at the entry to the
>stairs, then trying to get
>down all at once, some
>carrying babies, some, beer, but
>ALL, an accident waiting to

I returned on a P&O Ferry in April (Calais to Dover) and there was a fight on the stairs caused by the crush of people trying to get down the stairs. Not very pleasant!

Deux-Sevres (region 79)
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I fully agree with your comments, Thursday before Easter we nearly missed our ferry (10pm)lord knows what the problem was, that was after being grilled by customs,lorries blocked the P&O lanes to check outs, then thursday night before whit monday queued again at checkouts took about 10 minutes a car took 1/2hour, even the time of the ferry I booked on had changed since doing early booker last October, good job I gave my self plenty of time. think P&O stands for possibly overated, but they are better than SeaFrance and as wife won't go via tunnel not alot of option
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