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Fastcraft service Portsmouth-Caen: What's it like?

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Just booked crossing on the Portsmouth-Caen route for 1st - 8th June for 167 for car + three people. What's it like? Are the club seats good and worth it? Can you get food on board etc..

Angie (85)
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I went on it just after launch. Really good, problem free run, and no sea-sickness from those in the party prone to it. Good comfortable seating, adequate fodder, and free video showing in the lounge to help keep the carpet rats amused. Best thing though is the journey time; it makes that route viable. I'll have this as my preferred route and service during the Summer.
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Hi Angie

We also used it at Easter, the great thing is the time that you save. We had a meal in the restaurant, 2 courses, think it was about 8.95, and it was ok. As it was not busy, we actually kept our seats in the restaurant for the rest of the journey. It was not full, so it was very civilised. I agree, it will probably be our preferred route from now.

Enjoy the trip!!

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Have just done a five day return on this from France to England. The food was disgusting and VERY expensive. The seats are mediocre (marginally better than the Cherbourg Express). It may be a new craft to P&O but it's definitely not new! The only plus point is that Caen is a much nicer port to use. It takes 3.5 hours which is longer than the Cherbourg Express.

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