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Gare du Nord - Montpasse

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It will depend on the time of day, of course, the 10 minute run across Paris at night takes an hour or more at rush hour.

Personally, I'd allow AT LEAST an hour from arrival time of your Eurostar to departure time of train from Montparnasse.

It might even be better to say 90 minutes: it's far better to allow for possible late arrival, taxi delays etc, then to miss your allocated service, and have to try and get another seat.

I always prefer a leisurely coffee at a station bistro to a panicky dash to try and catch my train

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I found the tube really easy to use in Paris, It`s quite staight forward to get to Monparnasse from Gard de nord as far as I can remeber, but Monparnasse is so stetched out ,it might take a while to find the Quimper train, as far as I remember theres a Monparnasse 1,2 and 3?
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