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I had to post this. We live between La Rochelle and Nantes, so our options for air travel back to the UK (London area) are Ryanair from La Rochelle or BA from Nantes.

This morning I booked for myself and smaller daughter to go back in September for a wedding. Ryanair - 211 euro, BA .... 212 euro. I booked BA for an extra euro.

My wife then decides it would be nice for her and elder daughter to go back for a few days in August. Ryanair ("The Low Fares Airline" qv) - 430 plus euros, BA .... 320 euro.

I have to be impressed by Ryanair's success in creating an image that means I always check them first, but it seems clear that, in season at least, not only are they often no cheaper, on occasion they are knocked flat by a traditional full-service airline.

Course it could just be these two airports - does anyone else have any similar experiences?
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Just as importantly, what is it going to cost you when you get to the UK, assuming you want to travel into London. It's much cheaper to travel to central London from Gatwick than from Stanstead.

Although Limoge is my doorstep airport in France, I never use it, because of the massive additional cost of getting to stanstead. Maybe when it's rebuilt, other airlines will start using it. (I know AF fly via CDG)
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