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Thumbs up for Speedferries

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Thanks to you guys mentioning Speedferries we gave them a go recently and were well impressed. Boarding and disembarking very efficient, smooth quick journey. Nice vessel and the ticket was cheap.

The only negatives we could think of were that the ferry left 15 mims early and the shop isn't as extensive as the others.


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Ive just returned from visiting friends and crossed the channel on Speedferries Speed 1.

I normally fly and hire a car but chose to take my own car this time. I therefore have no recent experience of other cross channel operators and had not heard about Speedferries until I read about them on the forum.

I could not fault anything about my Speedferries experience. The web booking process was simple, check-in at Dover and Boulogne was easy, car boarding began about 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. I think we left slightly ahead of the scheduled time both ways (no point in hanging around if everyones on board!)

The vessel was clean, there was plenty of seating and the air-conditioning kept the temperature cool in the totally non-smoking interior (you can smoke outside). I felt the shop had an adequate range of stock and the bar had a good range of snacks available at reasonable prices. There are posh seats available for an additional 10 and a family area with TV showing cartoon to keep kids amused.

All the staff I encountered in Dover, Boulogne and on-board were friendly and helpful. When I researched my trip, the big operators were over 100 more expensive for similar departure times. Obviously other good deals do come up from time to time, however Speedferries pricing structure seems very good value. Id be interested to know what you get for your extra money from Hoverspeed etc.

The only possible problem I can envisage is the potential for delays in the event of technical problems with the boat. However I was delighted with the service and would be happy to use them again.
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Anyone noticed the new sticker across the back of the boat?

"Fight the Pirates"

Good on you SpeedFerries. Despite an hour delay on Sunday night - still the best value for a channel crossing

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