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P&O Ferries Review


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From BBC News P&O Results

Ferry review

P&O's ferry arm reported a 25.1m loss.

"We are confident that the ferries review would demonstrate our determination to put that business right" said P&O chief executive Robert Woods

P&O is due to announce the results of a review of its ferry business at the end of September,

Looks like prices will be going up again, for fewer sailings.
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I wonder when it will occur to the people running P&O Ferries that they need to fill them. If I had a pound for every crossing where we've parked with a couple of dozen cars on the bottom deck from Le Havre to Portsmouth I would be a little bit better off.

Can't they see that fares of five or six hundred pounds return just won't wash when we can fly to the south for 5 or use the short crossing for hundreds of pounds less and take a hit on a drive of 150 miles extra.

Maybe we should start lobbying the government for a tunnel to Normandy.

Best Regards

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p&o and brittany seem both to be having issues not only with ships working but also the silly prices they are charging. Especially when you see on the same channel condor offering car + silly for £159. i love the little fish battling the big fish and winning. they even lend brittany their boat because they havent got a fast one. i love the irony.

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