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Delivery of urgent documents

val douest

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la Poste have a good service - "Chronopost" basic cost €37 - next day delivery to London & quite a few other parts, 2 days for the regions and (I think) 2-3 days for Highlands and some odds and ends.

If you plan to use it, make sure you know the phone number for recipient as well as sender (both are essential for the documentation).

We used it just last week when our younger son had his passport stolen and we had to send him his BC to get a replacement passport to get over here for part of his Easter vacation.

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yet another vote for Chronopost :)

I sent important CDs to Canada (source code for an application) and the Chronopost one was there within a couple of days. The one sent registered La Poste still hasn't arrived...

FedEX international is also brilliant - and the delivery guys are like terriers, they don't stop till they've found the intended recipient!

I had an international delivery from FedEx 10 days after we moved here - the chap said rather sadly as he handed over the package "you don't know many people round here, do you!"
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