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Travelling with a 90 year old!

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We have just moved to the Northern Dordogne.  My Nan is 90 next April, and we would love to get her over for a visit.

Has anyone any experience travelling with someone of that age?  (Travel/health insurance, help from Airport - Ryan Air, Stanstead to Limoges). 




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We travelled this August with my father aged 83. At Stansted in the departures we were able to join the priority queue (especially for children and people that needed more time to board the plane.)

However on the return from Limoges there was no help at all , with a rugby scrum to get through the gate, not a very pleasant experience! I think this is due to the fact that Ryanair does not allocate seats to passengers, it's just a free-for-all to find a seat on the plane. 

There was no other help at either airport (I did enquire about this before making the trip). We also had a very long walk to and from the plane at Stansted. I think the best thing to do is book a wheel chair as wheel chair users seemed to be well looked after.

Hope this helps


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