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Vans/caravans allowed on Speedferries!!


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I have spoken with Speedferries in the last hour because my sailing tomorrow is cancelled due to the overhaul/refit.
The member of staff assures me that SPEEDONE will back in service on 14th September 2004.

I sincerely hope that it is. I am booked to return to the UK using Speedferries on the 18th and I want to go to the Auchan at
Boulogne before returning to the UK.  If I have to drive up to Calais I will not be amused irrespective of the fact that it is only 30 mins further on.



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Yipee!!!!!!! that means we should be able to book our crossing for next spring at a reasonable price, we have yet to sample SF, have a crossing with them booked in November, not affected by them switching to winter service.....soooooooooo I will sign in tomorrow and see what the price is for a crossing in April.

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Yup, I found that out for myself, when I signed in nothing came up re caravans, so will try in October......having just had a quote from a rival firm for £760 I am thinking about putting water skis on the van and towing it across!!!LOL I am hoping that speed ferries will be quite a lot cheaper.
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