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Speedferries 2005 timetables and fares


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I have spoken today to a very helpful person at speedferries who tells me that there is a mistake on their website re the length of the car/caravan combination for anyone who was looking to book a caravan on their site, and that it will be put right later this week, a car and caravan will take up 4 car spaces on the ferry and the cost will be in line with this.

She also said that they did not know when the new timetable would be out as they were hoping to do a refit on the ferry in January and as yet there is no news on the new ferry they are hoping to acquire.Fares and the timetables would be announced when the refit had been scheduled.

I hope this helps any of you who were trying to find out about caravans travelling on Speedferries.

More power to their elbow I say.
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