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Further to the previous threads and the news that P & O are pulling out of Cross Channel operations, has anyone any info regarding P & O Property Owner Club memebers, as to what is going to happen with their accumulated points. I doubt, if and when the changes happen in the New Year, that they will re-imburse their monetary value. Would they be transferable if BF take over the routes? 


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I called P&O yesterday asking the same question.  I have quite a few points plus I'll have more after my trip to France next month.  I was saving them for a trip over next Easter.  According the person I spoke to  - providing I book before the end of the year ( or as soon as possible after I return), then who ever takes over will honour my booking.  She said that's about all she could say because they were as much in the dark as me.

So it's a case of watch this space, must admit that there hasn't been alot of press about this issue.  



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