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Flight going cheap


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I would be if i knew for definate that i would be out in france at that time, we are moving to france at the end of this month and hopefully if our house sells in england before then then i would need a flight home at that time. can i let you know nearer the time or do you need to know quicker?
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Sorry but unless I have read their T&C wrong, I thought that if one bought a ticket with RyanAir you were bound to use it, lose it or perhaps even have to pay a surcharge to change it's original purpose?

If you sell it on, or even give it to another person, then at the time of registering a new name on the ticket with RyanAir, one would have to pay the new rate at the time of transferring the ticket to some one, other than the named original purchaser.

Don't forget it is cheaper to buy flight tickets early, then as the flight date nears, in most cases, the flight price rises (that's airline policy, now being commonly used with some of the Ferries) and it is that in part, that increases when anyone wants to change the tickets original use.

Well that's how I read it and what has happened to friends who regularly fly in to Dinard but..... 

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Point taken, however, I have re-read Ryanair's T&C's.  Name's may be changed upto 3 hours prior to departure.  However the sting is that there is a charge of £45.00.

so if Clare H was to take this ticket it would cost £65.00 as opposed to £61.93 is booked today.  





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