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Free Speedferries crossing??


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If there is anyone on the forum who would like (or needs) a Dover/Boulogne crossing in October, we have one available.

We had booked to go back to England but due to family illness, and problems with kennels here in France we have had to cancel our trip.

Rather than lose a booking completely, we wondered if there is anyone out there who could use this, we only ask that you pay the booking amendment fee of £10. if you would like it.

The original booking is with Speedferries,for a car and two passengers,  Boulogne/Dover on the 15th October at 14.00, returning Dover/Boulogne on the 19th October at 11.15

We have had so much help on this forum we thought it might be of help to someone. Please let us know.

Hazel and Chris







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