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Get a new E111!

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As of 19th August this year the old E111 was replaced with a new version.  This is an interim measure until the new European Health cards are issued in the UK some time in 2005. The old E111 will only be valid until 31st December 2004, so if you are travelling from UK to France after that date, you need to get a new E111 as soon as possible.  The new versions are valid until 31st December 2005.

You now need one E111 form for each member of the family, whereas before one form would cover everyone.

Don't want to stand at the Post Office counter for 10 minutes filling in your new E111 application?  Go to


and you can download the application form (one for all the family) and the new E111 form (one for each person), and complete them in advance. It has all the info and advice too.

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