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Eurotunnel New Strategy


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After the P&O announcement a few weeks ago we now have Eurotunnel launching their new Strategy Project Dare

 DARE: A new commercial strategy for Passenger Shuttles


At a time when tourism between Great Britain and the continent are on the increase, over the past five years the traffic across the Short Straits has diminished (-15%). The decline has been particularly marked in the day trip segment, which is a significant one for Eurotunnel.


The manifest over-capacity of the passenger shuttles has led to excessive operating costs. In this context, competition with the ferries has forced Eurotunnel into a permanent cycle of promotional activity.


Given such market conditions, restoring margins requires:


- The adjustment of capacity to meet demand in target segments, resulting in flexible running costs;

- Prices fixed according to the date of reservation and the load factor;

- A communication strategy focused on the added value of the Eurotunnel shuttles, on the price and on the ability to provide a service suited to the needs of each customer.


Translating this into English I guess this means ever changing prices like on the Ferries and in particular as on Ryanair, which could make it more expensive for last minute trips.

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No, actually, translating it into English means you're going to pay more. See my earlier post. There is supposed to be a special £98 after 2pm fare for Points Plus customers - tried booking it - hopeless. There was plenty of capacity on the requested shuttle as I found when I booked paying a higher fare. These "cheap" fares are quota limited. For the rest of my bookings next year I have gone elsewhere. I cannot see the sense in the termination of the Property Owners Club.


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