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We are trying to find an economical way for 2 people to get to this area next week, without a car, from the South East. Eurolines are unable to help as they do not seem to have any coaches going to this area. I cannot find any budget airline travelling between the two areas and the train fare is £320 per person.  Can anyone offer any suggestions?  In particular does anyone know of any budget airline flying from any London (not Luton), Kent, Sussex or Surrey airport to within 75 miles of Chateaubriant?

Any information will be gratefully received.


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AFAIK both Air France and British Airways fly Gatwick - Nante, my friend visited me using this route (admitedly she was travelling Nantes - Gatwick - Nantes) and it was an awful lot less than your quoted train fare

PS A quick search on google bought up return fares from £97 per person

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Eurolines usually have a coach that runs from Victoria to Rennes, via Angers, Tours and Nantes. My parents came over on it last week! They have been having problems though and the journey is a lengthy one.

Did you call Eurolines? My mother tried to book through National Express and was told that there were no coaches.I booked on line in the end and there were coaches, so that might be the best option. For some reason NE don't seem to be bothered about booking tickets for EL.

Another thing I started to investigate was taking the a ferry as a foot passenger and getting the train to Nantes or Cholet. It worked out at about 30£ for the ferry and 32 € for the train one way. The train stopped at Le Mans. Good luck!

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