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Luggage Allowance(survival) - Ryan Air


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15 kg per person which can be shared between two on the same reservation e.g. 30 kg. BUT are there any restrictions as to the number of pieces of luggage allowed, or the size?

I'm hoping to take a rug - rolled up and wrapped in plastic - but also want to take three canvas paintings which I could wrap in bubble-wrap, add to that a checked-in bag, plus hubby's bag. Provided we're within the 30kg is that acceptable to Ryan air? What are the chances of the paintings surviving the journey?

Any advice welcome....



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Thanks Baz, I'd already looked at their terms & conditions re checked in baggage. There's nothing to suggest restrictions on the numbers or size of bags provided they're within the weight allowance although they mention that anything breakable is likely to break unless you pay an additional £17 in which case they offer a "Limited Release" - entirely at your own risk for loss, damage or delay. (Can't really see the point of paying the extra).

What I was hoping for was the advice of seasoned travellers as this will be my first Ryanair flight and I certainly don't want to fall foul of their implied rules. I'll try out the 'phone number you gave and see if I can get advice direct.

Many thanks


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They always ask me : "just one checked bag ?" so I guess it is OK to have several bags. I've also seen people checking in multiple bags and even bicycles.

If you have a weight problem they don't normally weigh hand luggage (you can also hide it in front of the counter if it looks heavy !).

In fact I've never been charged for excess weight even when I've been a few kilos over.

Last week I had to bring back quite a few kg of files, laptop + mrs mpprh's Alpen Original. My suitcase was 18 kg and I didn't pay a surcharge. And I had hand luggage of 15kg and a further 5kg in my barbour jacket poachers pockets.

Bonne chance


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