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Half-term mal de mer!


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Hi- any one else on the first crossing with Speedferries on Sat 23rd Oct?

I have never felt so ill in my life. My wife was sick and so was my 3 year old all over me!!!

I actually was for the first time ever really frightened that we might turn over - I think it was too dangerous to cross in - so did all the perfume etc which crashed to the floor!!!

We now face a difficult choice- pay a fortune with Eurotunnel but be safe and well or pay £50 and take a risk - I suppose thats always been the dilemma though


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My sympathies!

Our 6 year old threw up on her Dad when we took the sea cat earlier this year, so we tried the ferries, but that turned both her and me a funny colour and meant us spending the entire crossing freezing up on deck!!! We've decided it has to be Eurotunnel, as being ill is a rotten start to any holiday, but we're trying to book as early as possible so as to get the full benefit of cheaper fares - currently £98 return for a long stay.  It means planning a bit further ahead, and risking having to pay to amend your ticket if disaster strikes, but for us poor sailors I reckon that's a reasonable trade off.



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We were booked to go on that crossing on 23rd Oct but having read the weather reports decided to change to the tunnel. Yes, it did cost us, but at least we arrived in a fit state to continue our journey. Incidentally, we had an incredibly good return crossing on Oct 30th so you never can tell with the Channel. We will definitely be booking with speedferries again as no-one can even touch their prices. PS hope you recovered to enjoy your holiday.

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