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Anyone done a Cherbourg crossing and driven north

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Ermm .................... I was about to say I normally reckon on about four and a half hours from Portsmouth up to south Manchester, assuming you hit Birmingham outside of rush-hour(s) (mind you, that's not quite so horrendous if you use the new toll-motorway) but I can't remember where the Cherbourg crossing docks so that might not be of any use whatsoever! Sorry!



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Depends on traffic.  I can get to the other side of York in five hours on a good run.  Can take up to seven though.

The worst part of the journey is the route to Cherbourg. Seems very long.  With the new road opened I prefer to sail from Caen.  Mind you, I sail from Zeebrugge into Hull normally.  Just on the door step.  Why don't you see what their prices are?  Better do it whilst sitting down .....

I can't be doing with the traffic in the UK now so that is why I go to Hull.  Rather drive over here.  Seven hours to Zeebrugge from here so I count that as the Portsmouth-York bit.  Except here I often don't see a car for hours.  Which is a bit different from the M25 and M1.....

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My computer (Autoroute) tells me that the journey from Portsmouth to Manchester is 285 miles and that it should take 4 hours.  However, I agree with everyone who has said that it could take considerably more time depending what time you hit the roads around Birmingham and the M6. 

As to the route in France up to Cherbourg, it all rather depends where you are starting from.  I think the road to Cherbourg is now considerably better, there is a very good link now off the A84 which takes you up towards St Lo but you completely bypass the town.  It is virtually dual carriageway all the way up and fast.  From where we are, Cherbourg takes about an extra 30 minutes (max) but, of course, it is then a shorter and quicker journey across, saving at least an hour compared to the Caen crossing.  Not so important if you are doing an overnight crossing and want a bit longer in your bunk! On the downside, to my mind the ferries themselves on the Cherbourg route are a bit older and not of the same standard as those on the Caen crossing.

So for me anyway, Cherbourg does offer some advantages.

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