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Travelling New Years Day


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I'd appreciate some advice on two related topics.

We will be returning to UK from Creuse on January 1st. Should we anticipate busy or quiet roads in France on this holiday? Presume Autoroute service stations open as usual?


Also it seems we have three basic choices of route for this journey to/from Calais.

I've tried all three at various times, and still can't make up my mind.

1) A1 and around east side of Paris to Orleans.

2) A16 via Amiens and western side Periphique towards Orleans.

3)A28 via Rouen and across country via Chartres etc.

Mappy favours the first route.

What's favourite for you regular travellers?

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We travel down to Haute Vienne regularly and favour the route via Chartres, Orleans and Vierzon joining the A20 from the A71. Its cheap on tolls, a little bit more scenic. Seems to break nicely into three sections for sharing the driving if necessary.

The N154 can be a little slow at times but hopefully the improvements will be open soon - the worst time is during the wheat harvest when you can get caught behind the combine harvesters!

At least it means no forays to or around Paris!

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I've only done News Years Day journey once, but I found it very good - aided by the fact that the lorrys were not running! Yes the service stations were open but it was difficult to get cash as all the machines were waiting to be converted to dispense Euro's..... Oh, that doesn't happen every 1st January then ???? :-)


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