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Todays Ouest France newspaper had an article that the Uk airline flybe.com will be starting new flights on 23rd March 2005, from Brest in Brittany to three Uk destinations - Exeter, Southampton and Birmingham. They also plan to have a Southampton to Cherbourg service running soon after. They will be using small aircraft (Dash 8 - 78 places & BAE 146 - 112 places) depending on demand. Apparently, they have already had 1500 bookings on their website.

Hope this interests some of you,




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Flybe have also just announced that they will be flying from Exeter to Paris CdeG from next March. Great for us as we're 5 miles from Exeter - but an hour and a half from CdeG :-) :-(

Not sure of other destinations within the UK they're flying from to Paris.
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When I was in Limoges airport in June I picked up a leaflet which stated that Flyme were going to be flying into Limoges from Southampton.  However when I tried to get more information, was told that this had been shelved.  Maybe they'll bring it to the table again next year with the changes with P&O wrc. it would be a much needed service.


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