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More trouble at Eurotunnel


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Tonight's BBC SE news reports that freight operators are likely to boycott the tunnel next year in response to the company's insistence that they either accurately forecast how many crossings they will need to make or pay hugely increased fares.

As story follows story you're left wondering exactly who the current Eurotunnel management team (who gained control after the shareholder 'revolt') are - P&O executives?

At this rate they'll have managed to shut the whole thing down in around three years.
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A far cry from the "turn up and go" philosophy.

First they cheese off their regular car passengers by scrapping the PoC without offering an alternative, now they do the same with the freight traffic.

I'm now starting to wonder when the banks will feel that they have to take over the administration of the tunnel. I read at the weekend that they are reluctant to do so for fear of litigation from the small shareholders. On the other hand, if the current management at Eurotunnel provoke a freight boycott then will that force the banks' hand?

Ever the optimist.


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This story has only been reported on BBC Brighton, sorry I meant SE news, (makes a change to hear an actual story about the SE on SE news I suppose)  But as it has not been picked up by Sky Business or even BBC News 24 are we sure this isn't one of NR SE's  " postman may be voting in 6 months time about calling a possible strike next Christmas " stories?

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