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Tarbes/Lourdes Airport


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You could try looking at the website for the airport?  Sometimes you can get an idea from arrivals/departures and schedules etc. The majority of flights seem to be charter.  I live as close to Tarbes as Toulouse but have never actually flown to Tarbes.  However, I have seen an plane landing with what looked like Airtours written on the side of it.  I have never actually managed to find a scheduled flight though.  We are coming into the skiing season so there may be "flight-only" ski type deals coming onto the market. Have you tried an independent travel agent?



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would that there were direct uk - tarbes/lourdes flights.  there aren't.  the only direct flights tend to be seasonal charter flights for pilgrims to lourdes.  fares on these flights tend to be very expensive.

tarbes/lourdes refused to enter into a similar sort of financial relationship with ryanair as other destinations e.g. pau.


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