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Discount STANSTED EXPRESS rail fares ?


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It's been a while since I used the Stansted route, and I remember being able to reserve a discounted return Stansted Express via the Easyjet web site.

This time I fly Ryanair - yet no obvious link to any pre-booking / discount facility for the Stansted Express service. I know you can buy tickets ON the plane ( no use to me ! ), but is there a system for online reservation ? I also remember talk of a small kiosk / travel agent upstairs at Liverpool Street station for discount tickets - any suggestions ?

As a back up, ( 26 pounds is too steep for me ) has anyone much experience of the coach connection from Victoria - Stansted. Only 13.50 pounds return..  ?


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A firend of mine used the coach link from London recently and said it was very good however she made a point of travelling out of the rush hour. Her only complaint was that the driver insisted on playing the the radio very loud the whole way.


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Tina frequently uses (or rather used, since Ryan no longer do Stanstead from Dinard) the Stanstead coach from Hampstead (I think), which is the Victoria bus. She says that it is excellent & faster than the train (and £8 one way).

Provided, of course that the M25 & M11 are OK - she has been delayed on a couple of occasions, but never long enough to cause her to miss a flight.

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