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Heathrow -> Toulouse with Air France/FlyBe


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This route seems to have ended without anyone noticing (I suspect I might have been on the last flight on the 27th as there were lots of tearful goodbye's by the regular staff).

Does anyone know the reason? The flights always seemed to be pretty full, Toulouse is a big city. And how will Mr Terry Wogan get down to his place these days????
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Never mind Mr Wogan, what about me ?

I found out last week when trying to book flights. I am now blessed with lots of AF airmiles and nowhere to fly to. It seems they now do a Gatwick Bordeaux route which I have never noticed before.
I am surprised by the cut in the route though as Toulouse is popular. The flight was always full. I think it may have something to do with it being operated by Flybe.
Anyway, BA still goes there and is still much cheaper than any of the "cheap" airlines so all is not lost !
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It seems there is an issue with Air France. Apparently they cancelled their Heathrow/Toulouse route because so many people were flying that route then taking BA across the Atlantic as it was cheaper than doing AF via Paris.

FlyBe is also cancelling the Southampton/Toulouse route w.e.f Easter. This is bad news for those who switched when dear old Buzz stopped flying from Bournemouth. What next? Bristol? Birmingham? What about Easy Jet?

Has anyone else heard the rumour that Airbus are taking back more of Toulouse airport in order to fly this huge new plane from there?


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