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motorail Calais a Avignon


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I am not sure if this is the correct part of the forum?

Briefly in June I would wish to travel from Calais to Avignon with car etc in that we have used the service before (but from the UK) and it saves on wear and tear and the nerves.

I am trying to find the correct web-site to book on line but cannot (it must be me) find the site for motorail.  I get bounced back to London and Eurorail etc.

Does anyone please know the correct web-site in France or is it just possible that I can wonder into our local gare and book there?

Would appreciate your help


kind regards


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I read an article last year in the French press saying that the service to Avignon was the most frequent service to be robbed in France.

Apparently, gangs target the train by stopping it after interfering with signals, and while it waits for a green light, they systematically rob every car on the back as the drivers sleep

Awful. I'd prefer the drive!


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thanks for that and such reassuring news.  wonderful is it not!

I may be wrong but having travelled on the route for well over 15 years I think the cars go on a differing train to the passengers.  Things may well have changed.

If we continue as a race and a nation to think to ourselves 'better not do that' then we will just go under.  If these guys on the back of the train and whilst stuck at lights on the line want to have a go at lets us say a car that has five stars for security then so be it. If it is almost impossible whilst the car is immobilised to get into it then one would think it is somewhat difficult whilst on a railway line. Let us hope as the train goes around the bend at Tain Hermitage they fall off.

Again there may well be over 200 cars on the back of the train I just wondered Alcazar what the %'s are for your car to be broken into.  Or are these bandits on every bit of the railway track from Calais to Avignon.  It is alfter all a little bit cold at say 02.00h when going down the Vallee du Rhone

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I can only report what I have read both in a French local daily last Easter, and since then, in "Today's Railways" here in the UK.The article in the French paper was a full page with photo's.)

Most of the problems have been around Paris as the train takes the avoiding lines through the banlieu, but there have also been copycat attacks near Lyon and Valence.

Signals are interfered with, which makes them default to danger. The train, of course, comes to a stand.

As it stands, the gangs climb aboard the car carrying wagons, which are, AFAIK, attached behind the passenger cars.

It takes them a VERY short time to smash a window, climb into a car, remove valuables left in and clear off

It reached such a proportion last year that  well armed police had to travel on the train!



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