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Long term parking- Le Havre ferryport?


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If anyone is familiar with the parking facilities at Le Havre ferry port, I would appreciate any information you can give me about long term parking.

Is there a long term car park at the ferry terminal?

Do you pay in advance or on return?

Is it far to walk?

If not at terminal, where might there be one?

I'm going over early on Sunday morning for a week or so. Not taking the car because of expense, and because motoring in UK is now such a tedious business.

Very grateful for your help


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There is a car park at the ferry building which I presume belongs to P&O.  It is enclosed with wire fencing but not sure how secure it is.  There is also a car park outside of this where caravans and motorhomes stay overnight.

If you are using a P&O ferry I should think they would allow you to leave your car for a few days.  Why not 'phone and ask?  The girls on duty all seem to speak good English so you wouldn't have a language problem.

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