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And so we begin.... after 18 months of renovation / builders - waiting ..waiting..waiting.. head scratching.. arguments .. and why was the actual price so different to the original quote... and convincing ourselves that we really have loved all of it  (yes you know what we mean) we have been given a date to start moving furniture in - yippee!!

So! How do we get the furniture from Manchester area to Lot et Garonne (Agen area)?

We are thinking of hiring a transit van and driving , via the tunnel , stopping over outside Paris and then completing the trip the day after.

Are there any other better or easier ways?

This is the question of the day to all of you that have done it before

Has anyone done it using the train? - once we get through the tunnel is there an option to get a train which will take a van from there to Agen ?

It would take the strain out of driving that route and be a lot faster too

Your opinions would be invaluable and most appreciated

Though we don't often post we are avid -daily readers - of the forum and have benefitted greatly from all the words of wisdom - thanks in advance

Lou & Michelle

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We bought an old van (a 3.5 ton Iveco)for moving our furniture from Scotland to the Charente area, we used the tunnel and had no real problems except that the customs wanted to look inside, unfortunately the van was so packed that they could not see anything except what was just inside the doors so they sent us to the large X-ray machine that they use for freight lorries, which meant we missed our train but we just caught the next one.

We stayed overnight in Dover before catching the train the next morning then drove down to the house, I think we drove for about 9 hours to Dover and the same again to Charente. By buying the van we could keep it in France and use it for picking up building materials etc.



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       We are in N.Wales about 12 south of Chester and are moving to Charante in about 6 weeks time. I have done some costing about different ways to move.

buy a 7.5 tonne van to move our self.. ok but who wants to ride around in the above to go to the shops, this would be our soul transport when we get there,and how do you sell on a r.h.d. 7.5 tonne uk reg after..

second choice hire a 7.5 tonner get the son-in-law to drive it out there us and our three cats in our own car and he returns the lorry,sounds good cost of hire plus ferry crossing big plus the diesel costs they do not do much to the gallon.

then we had a quote from a local firm for ..... they are coming on the morning we leave 2 of them to load follow us down to portsmouth for the over night crossing to St.Malo.We have just done this run last week and from Wrexham to Portsmouth is 400Km and took us 4 .75 hours with a stop for coffee. A cabin for the night on board and for us another 4 hour drive to Charante they un load when we get there and they come back next day.

 Swifts of Wrexham if you want phone nos ask.Do not know what they are like because like i said we do not move till mid march but the plan sounds good

              Dave & Olive

            and trois chat

lily,poppy and rosie

ps left wrexham 12 midday arrived portsmouth 2and 3/4 hours before sailing felt like the booze cruse play the only one in the car park.arrived our house in Charante 1.30pm next day missed the turning for the peage so you are further south add some time here.

 hope this helps

want any more info ask glad to help
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following a tip on this forum we tried et brokers (online)

They estimate your cubic meterage with you then contact over 2000 firms in the uk for quotes. Came back within 24 hours with quote which we went with - no idea how good the firm are as we don't move for another 2 weeks, but well recommended and all the qualifications. £1622 for Wiltshire -> Limousin is bl**dy good in our opinion!

Renting a 7 1/2 ton van (even half-price) was just as dear when you add the ferry and deisel.
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