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A BIG move to France.


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We are in the process of planning a move to Normandy.

There will be grand parent and parents in one property.( Divided to have own front doors!) having sold both of their UK homes.

My wife, young daughter and I will be going in a couple of years.  If possible and permission granted, eventually we would like to build our home on the same plot of land.

We will keep our property in UK to let out.

Because of the tax system in both countries, how best would it be to make the purchase in France to alleviate excessive IHT etc .

In our names because we're a little bit younger or set up a company with all as directors?

Would things be different if we were not granted planning and bought a house?.

Any experience with this kind of move would be appreciated..

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Another question not an answer to your problem but in the same thread. The option of buying a property in a company name, having the husband/wife or any others as partners has bee given as one road to pursue but if you do this surely the company has to submit yearly tax returns even if there is no business transacted?

Perhaps someone in the know can clarify this?


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