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Ryanair and the new regulations ............


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just an update on the current position.

Wednesday Nimes-Luton :

Arrived 2hr 30 min before take off, and the check in queue was very long.
Security was quick, no special restrictions other than no liquids and a body search. All hand luggage was sniffed by a dog in the departure lounge, then another rapid body search before getting on the plane.

The plane was 45 mins late.

Sunday Luton-Nimes :

There was a document check and briefing for all passengers entering the check in area. I arrived 2hr 30 min before take off and the check in had not opened. After buying a newspaper and coffee, the check in was open and I was behind 100+ people.

Plenty of announcements and notices covered the new rules. A precheck before security put mobile phones into a clear plastic bag. Security was quick. Laptops were x-rayed separately. All shoes removed and x-rayed.

The plane was 15 minutes late.

Note for smokers :

No lighters or matches allowed, but the shops airside had lighters for sale.
The staff smoking area near the departure gates was in use by staff who were happy to provide a light !


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I went to Pau and back (Ryanair, Standsted) last weekend. Security at Stansted was still heightened (shoes off and through x-ray machine, small hanbaggage only (i.e. laptop sized case max), no liquids, creams, toothpastes, make up etc as well as the usual no lighters, sharp objects etc. No see-through bag policy anymore. Not too much of a delay getting airside. Plane was delayed one hour (apparently due to inbound flight delay from Italy)

On the way back at Pau on Monday, security was perhaps even tighter - body search etc. But no clear bag needed and same issue with liquids. Incidentally, many people were getting caught for the luggage charge not having booked it in (i.e. paying more) when buying the ticket. Flight also delayed one hour (for same reason as outbound apparently).

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