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Booking Transmanche for Christmas period?


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Phew! After reading some negative reports on your Forum (Not all though); about Transmanche, our Son and Daughter in law and precious grandchildren have done the crossing now both ways and have arrived home in Uk safely having had nothing but positives to say about the service. They now want to use it again when they come over at Christmas. I've looked on various sites (AFerry.com) etc and notice that they're not taking bookings for those dates but  they are taking bookings for LD lines. Does this mean that the rumours could be true that the company may sell out before then?

Can anyone suggest how I can find out so that they can book sooner than later to be sure of a secure booking for such a busy period.


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Glad to hear you have had positive experiences. Transmanche seems to be putting the past horrors behind it and getting on, at last, with running a reasonable ferry service.

The problem at present seems to be the company's own computer system which is not taking online bookings - neither direct, nor from booking sites like aferryto or direct ferries. If you go to its own web site www.transmancheferries.com and select the French option you can at least get into the booking system which will let you choose an outward crossing - but you don't seem to be able to proceed further than that. Best thing is to phone them - the freephone numbers are 0800 917 1201 if you are in Britain, or 0800 650 100 frm France.

I don't know what rumours you have heard, but the truth is that Transmanche, a consortium of mainly French interests headed by the Seine Maritime local council, has invited tenders for running the ships on its behalf (it will retain ownership of the port facilities and continue to operate the ports). Several companies have put in bids, including LD Lines, Norfolk Line and Sea France.

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Try sending them an email At address on website). I have found them very effiecient when using this method. I have even booked via an email.

If I remember rightly they were very late releasing their Xmas crossing schedule last year.


Good luck

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