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Charles de Gaulle railway station to airport departure.


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Does anyone know if there is a shuttle bus of any sort from the station to the airport?

There wasn't one (that I noticed) a few years ago, but elderly friends are making the trip soon and were wondering if they had to trudge the relatively long way on foot.


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In reality any journey on foot between Terminal 2 and other parts of the airport to the station is a lot more difficult than it looks (believe me, I have tried to get to stations, hotels etc without using the bus), and, admittedly not knowing where the OP's passenges are coming from or going to, it's unlikely they will be arriving at those particular terminals anyway. But there is a lot of airport information at that link, which they will find very useful.
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That terminal is not quite so good - it used to be Terminal 9, for charter flights, but has now been renumbered Terminal 3. I believe Easyjet uses it.

There is a 250m walk from termnal 3 to the bus stop, but the bus stop is right outside the RER station from where you get the trains into Paris or shuttle buses to the other terminals and TGV station. There must be arrangements for people with limited mobility though. Most airlines would help you out, but Easyjet might be a bit less cooperative.

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