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Is anyone else fed up with the budget airlines taking services off at times when we need to use them?

My husband is going out to our property to do some work and close up for winter, he is self employed so can go anytime he likes.  I on the other hand have to work and dont have any leave left.  He will be in France over the Armistace weekend and will be able to join the village armistace repast.  I would love to join him for the weekend but unfortunately Easyjet have remove the service from Bristol to La Rochelle at the end of October, as do Flybe on Bristol to Bergerac which is an alternative. 

We also cannot get over for Christmas because of the leave situation for me, if we could fly out we could enjoy our property a lot more than we do. I know the Airlines are not in business to accommodate me personnally but I cannot be the only one who wishes she could get across to France more often but is restricted by committments.

I know the service to La Rochelle was very popular this last summer as I have spoken to several people who have used it, some even making the effort to get to Bristol as they prefer that airport to some of the other regional ones.

Come on people of the Bristol area, maybe we need to be complaining in bulk to Easyjet to try to get them to run their service for longer


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Have the same problem with Ryanair going from Bergerac to Stanstead, used to get a flight at 5.30 which enabled me to connect with flight to Scotland, now i cannot and have to travel 2+ hours to Limoges for flight to london to connect to Scotland. I am even considering driving to barcelona for direct flight to Prestwick, Scotland, certainly a 6 hr drive but a direct flight and no waiting time in Stanstead for connection!!!!!!


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Have you looked at Luton, we have booked my son to come down at Christmas..... Edinburgh - Luton, Luton - Bordeaux......and the flights connect. There's 1 1/2 hours between them, if you try to book them all at once it tells you that you don't have 2 hours between flights, so you book them independently, should work if youonly have hand luggage.


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Ryanair still operate Stansted to La Rochelle during the winter months but Stansted is not a convenient airport if you live in the west country.

BA have two flights a day from Gatwick to Bordeaux (book early and the prices are reasonable). Trains from Bristol via Reading go right into Gatwick.

I saw an advert in Sud-Ouest announcing flights from Heathrow to Bordeaux presumably starting in November but haven't checked timings.

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We have only been in France for six months and we were hoping to fly home for Xmas. We are not committed any particular times as we are retired but assumed we could fly from La Rochelle to Bristol as our family all live in the west country. After reading your thread do I take it that Easyjet stop their flights from La Rochelle for the winter months and I have checked their timetable on line but it only goes up to 29 October and I was waiting for the next timetable from them so that we could book the flights. It looks as though we may have to go from further south in France and then fly to Birmingham which is a pain in the neck. Come on Easyjet, consider your regulars and not just the holidaymakers.
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