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space in our empty transit van France to UK


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We are travelling in our empty transit van, which holds 8 cubic metres, from our house very close to Uzes in France (Gard 30)  back to Rochdale in the North of England. We are happy to make detours en route if anyone would like to make use of the space. We are leaving around the 9th November 2006 returning about 2-3 weeks later. There will also be space in the van when we return to France. Please contact us if you would be interested. Andrew and Emma
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Hi Andrew and Emma,

We don't need anything taking back to Rochdale but while you're there you could say hello to my mum and dad for me......have a curry for us at the Asia on Tweedale Street........throw an apple core out of your car outside the Town Hall and get a £50 fine..........eat loads of Hollands Meat and Potato pies and Warburtons bread...........overpay for car parking in the town centre.....and finally, especially for my husband....have a chippie dinner from Wilbutts Lane!!!!!!

There's some things you just can't get in the Charente!!

Shelagh and John

ps Andrew Pickles rings a bell??

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