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Peage doofahs on planes


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Does anyone know if its OK to take a peage doofah on a plane, either in baggage or hand luggage.

We usually drive down to the Pyrenees but as we are only going for a

long weekend we are flying down and hireing a car so we need to take

the doofah on the plane.

Just wondered as I assume the doofah is transmitting a signal of some sort all the time.



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I'm not sure but I think the doofah only responds to the signal that's sent out by the beamy thingy above the peage, so wouldn't be transmitting anything all the time itself.

Excuse the technical jargon!

Of course - if you're travelling Air O'Leary there's probably a special surcharge...

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Telepeage box is a passive device that is activated by the tollbooth transmitter and replies with it's serial number. Keep it in the shiny metallised bag that you were given when you received it. Especially if you are travelling on the motorway in someone else's vehicle! (Taxi/bus from airport?) Your only problem may be convincing Security personnel of it's use, especially as you cannot turn it on/off to demonstrate it's harmlessness.
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