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St Malo - Channel Islands new service


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In case people missed previous news of the introduction of this service, this is the text of a press release received from the ferry builder this morning.

New Channel Islands operator HD Ferries has chosen Incat K-class catamaran Incat K3 to launch a new link to France.


Established by the family-owned 2Morrow Group, HD Ferries intends to launch the new service between the French port of Saint Malo and the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey from March 15. The vessel will offer six crossings per day, providing travellers with a wide range of additional options to complement existing ferry services.


Following the cessation of the Eméraude Lines ferry service in 2005, the States of Jersey, Guernsey and the French region of Brittany sought an additional operator to meet the demand for ferry travel between the Channel Islands and France.


The 2Morrow Group was one of the companies approached and after nine months of investigation HD Ferries has been established to meet the requirement for a regular and reliable ferry service for cars, freight and passengers between Jersey, Guernsey and France.


Continuing the low-cost trend currently sweeping the ferry industry HD Ferries uses the internet, www.hdferries.com, and its innovative and well established WebRes reservation system to deliver value for money travel based on demand driven pricing. The service and pricing has been designed to provide a high speed, no frills, value for money service for both passenger and freight traffic.


HD Ferries Director Mr Chris Howe-Davies comments “We aim to capture the market which has been lost by the closure of Eméraude Lines while at the same time bringing affordable ferry travel to residents and visitors of the Channel Islands from France.”


The 2Morrow Group is not a complete newcomer to the ferry trade although the Channel Islands venture is its first in ship operation.

Specialising in travel and transport services it is already present in the ferry sector through its online booking service
www.AFerry.to and has a port agency business in Portsmouth. It is also active in the 2morrow Group in internet travel technology and distribution, air freight and other services with such names as The Travel Gateway, Entee, Gobelynx and BAC Express.


Built in 1998 Incat K3, to be renamed HD1, delivers speeds of up to 50 knots lightship and 46 knots fully loaded at 167 tonnes deadweight. The vessel provides capacity for up to 400 persons and 89 cars. An open deck area aft will allow HD Ferries to offer some truck capacity, which should prove attractive to shippers of French produce.


HD1 is scheduled to enter dry dock in Gibraltar on 30th January for pre-service maintenance work and livery application. When complete the vessel will sail to the UK to have vehicle ramps fitted, crew training and berthing trials.



Length overall                -           80.10m

Length waterline             -           72.30m

Beam                            -           19.00m

Beam of Hulls                -           5.00m

Draft                             -           2.16m approx. in salt water

Speed                           -           46.0 knots @ 167 tonnes deadweight

                                    -           50.0 knots @ Lightship

Max Deadweight            -           167 tonnes

Total persons                 -           400 persons

Vehicle Capacity            -           89 cars at 4.5m length x 2.3m width




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