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I have for years used an annual multi trip travel insurance that used to be worldwide ....A couple of years ago I changed it on renewal to Europe only  ..I have been trying to find cover for an annual worldwide one  again as later in the year we plan to go to Australia. ....Boy do they head for the hills when you enter on line the fact you are 65    ..... The company I am with are not happy about cover for longer than 31 days away  if I go  to  " Wordwide  "cover with them for a trip to Australia . We plan to be away longer than that.....Money Supermarket . com  cant even  find me cover.....looks like I am going to have to find  single trip for the Australia journey if we are to be away over a month ..at great cost  ! just because I am now 65  and will be 66 at the time we travel ...I feel I am probably fitter now than when I was 64 .......Grrrrrrr..........Any recommendations  ?  

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Cripes - what is their core market supposed to be these days?

How about these:


At Insureforall.com we provide single trip senior citizen travel insurance

up to the age of 84 and annual, multi trip policies for Europe up to

the age of 74. So to get an instant quote for immediate cover for

travel insurance if you're over 65 years of age click below or call 0845 8800694.

It's straight forward, and easy to arrange.

Quote Now


Insureforall.com, our approach to senior citizen travel insurance is to

treat everyone as an individual and tailor each quote to the

applicant's status. This means you only pay for the cover that you

need. So whether you are aged 65 or are looking for travel insurance

for over 70s, we can provide you with reassuringly high levels of cover

at a low price.

We can provide senior travel insurance for

single trips, annual, multi trip policies as well as cruises. So

whatever you're planning or wherever you're travelling to, we have the

right senior citizen travel insurance for you.

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[quote user="Frederick"]Its the length of time out of the UK thats seems to be the stopper .......3 months  away on  an annual  Travel Insurance is a No..No ........I seem to be expecting too much ?[/quote]

We use Flexicover.com/ Flexicover.co.uk - they do all kinds of travel insurance. We have used their long-term one trip cover for 6 months European cover, a kind of 'hippy' gap-year travel insurance for oldies. They covered a friend of ours who went to Aus  for 10+ weeks when she was 72 - but that was 2 years ago. worth a look anyway.



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I seem to recall my aged aunt used American Express last time she needed cover.  The Post Office is very good, and you can get a decent discount if you go for the anywhere in the world except the States option - more dangerous than Beirut presumably?


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Thank you everybody for your recommendations ...and Pancake the visitor cover sounds good...I had no idea that such cover was available issued in Australia for tourists..so could be the answer as I like the idea of a local company to deal with if God forbid one of us has to claim while out there ....... I am  in a few days  going  over to the Vendee for a month or so and will sort it on my return  ..grateful ...

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I can understand your frustration. My parents went to Australia to visit a relative for five months and could not get insurance so went without.  A risk I know, but it was a risk worth taking as far as they were concerned.  Once in a lifetime experience. Still I would not like to think if anything happened but then you would never leave the house would you.


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